How long will it take to learn the whole set?

It takes a while and it depends on how regularly you exercise. But usually within a week you already know what to do. From the beginning, I really recommend exercising every day, so you can experience and remember the set better.

How long does it take to practice the whole set?

The moment you already know  the set, it will take you about 30 minutes to practice the whole set. If you add some anti-stress exercises or breathing techniques, then a little longer.

How often do I have to exercise?

If you exercise to prevent your health and hormonal balance as a preventive measure, then 3-4 times a week will suffice. But it’s up to you, you can do it every day if you feel like it.

But if you want to solve something special that bothers you, then it is good to practice every day. Of course, it can happen that sometimes you njust don´t feel like exercising, then it doesn’t matter, no stress 🙂, have a rest and then continue again the next day.

When can I see the first results?

The moment you learn the whole set, it’s up to you to see the first results. Some of you will feel the change immediately – a surge of energy, better sleep, good mood,…, for some it will take weeks, months. But if you follow the following rule, the result will definitely come, I guarantee it! The rule is:

Exercise properly, regularly and most importantly be patient!

Can I practice Hormonal yoga even though I have no experience with yoga?

YES. You can do it. The exercises are simple and even a complete yoga beginner can learn them without any problems.

How will be the course organized?

In the course, we will first learn the basic techniques of Hormonal Yoga.

Gradually, we will master the whole set, including anti-stress exercises and anti-stress breathing techniques.

We will emphasize the correct understanding and execution of the exercises. I really care that you learn the set as best you can and then practice it correctly and without any difficulty at home!

At the end of the course, you will be able to practise the set perfectly.