I’m really pleased with your messages and comments. They tell me that what I do makes sense and I thank you very much for it!

Věrka M.

Katka and I took a repetitive lesson in Hormonal Yoga and it was great. Katka was very nice, she explained everything patiently and clearly and excited me for further exercises. I give 15 * out of 10 😊

Lucka V.

I was absolutely thrilled with the hormonal yoga course led by the extremely nice, friendly, and always smiling teacher Katka Nováková, especially thanks to her! Many thanks to Katka!

Jana K.

I praise you very much! I’m glad I signed up for the course, even though I was a little worried if I would learn the whole set properly online. But Káťa explained, checked :), it was absolutely fine. Katka is nice, she radiates a lot of positive energy, she has a pleasant voice .. So I recommend the course to her and thank you!

Denisa Š.

Yoga with Kačka has been a real experience for me😊 I have known Kačka for a long time and I am very happy that thanks to her I have learned something new and, above all, pleasant not only for my body but also my mind. And I would like to thank you, Kačka, very much for everything I have learned thanks to you and the hormonal yoga set.

After a month of exercise, I perceive positive changes in myself, such as a greater influx of energy, better sleep, in short, I am happy 🙂

Kačka can show you and explain yoga in a non-violent, very pleasant way. Therefore, ladies, if you are hesitant, I highly recommend yoga with Kačka to everyone!


Under Katka’s guidance, I completed an online hormonal yoga course. I highly recommend Katka. The course is conducted with a sincere effort to learn everything necessary and make sure that the exercises are performed correctly. Even the communication around is very nice and at the same time professional. Katka managed very well even in a situation where it is not possible to complete the course in person, and everything took place online. I don’t feel that I would be deprived of anything this way.

Denisa N.

On the recommendation, I opted for an online hormonal yoga course and I must say it’s great! I had the opportunity to complete the course with Mrs. Katka Nováková.

Káťa was very nice, I had a nice chat with her. For all the exercises, she explained to me what they were good for. She showed them and checked to see if I was doing them right.

I’ve always been a little skeptical about these things, but thanks to her, I’ve reconsidered my opinion. So for me – I recommend 🙂

Domča S.

I must say that I was absolutely thrilled with the course! Katka has a very nice, human and yet professional approach. Everything perfectly explains and guides you through the exercises so that you really understand the nature and depth of its effects. So I really highly recommend and I’m really looking forward to the next time.

Zuzka M.

Katka is a laughing person with a good mood and willingness to explain the individual exercises and repeat them so that the technique is 100% even at home.

The weekend of hormonal yoga course took place in a relaxed, intimate atmosphere. Thank you for your inspiration and patience.

Terka K.

I’ve never been to yoga before this course, I was a little afraid I wouldn’t understand what to do. Katka is a perfect teacher, so she guided me through the course with a feeling of lightness, well-being and enthusiasm for new learned movements. Her empathetic personality brings a pleasant atmosphere to the course and her patience can deal with someone who has no idea what yoga is about. Thank you for the weekend spent together, which I would like to repeat at any time.🙂

Hanka T.

Katka is an amazing teacher, in fact she is such a guide to hormonal yoga. She is caring, kind and precise. I really enjoyed her course, I memorized and learned a lot. I know for sure that it was an impulse to continue working on exercise, life and moving on again. Thanks for everything, H.

Jana P.

Lecturer Katka is a nice girl with a gift to pass yoga exercises to others. We practiced in a pleasant environment of a small yoga studio https://www.body-studio.cz/.

The weekend of hormonal yoga course took place in an atmosphere of well-being and good mood. Katka was patient and very willing to repeat, explain and tune the individual exercises to each of us. Thank you very much for the inspiration and I look forward to another meeting with yoga and teacher Katka in the future.

Kristyna P.

Kačka is a very nice teacher, she tries her best to pass on what she has learned herself. I appreciate the approach and thank you for the beneficial course, which I further recommend