What is Hormonal yoga therapy?

Hormonal Yoga Therapy or Hormonal Yoga is a natural therapy that has been created for women of all ages with problems caused by hormonal imbalances.


This imbalance is associated with certain symptoms that afflict almost every woman. Due to the fact that Hormonal Yoga balances – it increases the level of hormones, the unpleasant manifestations combined with the reduced level gradually disappear, sometimes they get lost completelly.


Hormonal Yoga has this incredible effect because it is a comprehensive set of special exercises based on hatha yoga, kundalini yoga and Tibetan energy techniques.


Also included are anti-stress breathing techniques and anti-stress techniques that help you to calm down in almost every situation.

The author of Hormonal Yoga is the Brazilian DINAH RODRIGUES (*1927), a world-famous and respected yogi and therapist. She has been creating the set for about 20 years and has carefully consulted everything not only with renowned yogis, but also with leading doctors and therapists. The effects of exercise and the influence of hormonal yoga were further confirmed in several scientific studies.

Hormonal yoga is a rejuvenating technique that will support your overall health. It increases the flexibility of your body, joint mobility, strengthens the lungs, detoxifies the body, increases metabolism, improves your figure, hair, nails, strengthens immunity, thyroid gland. Just such a magical elixir of health and youth!

And this lady is really the proof of that!

Techniques used in Hormonal yoga therapy

In Hormonal Yoga Therapy, several techniques are used at once. It is about:

Yoga positions, whether static or dynamic, which intensively massage the organs in the abdominal cavity (important ovaries for us), thyroid gland, hypophysis.

Intense breathing techniques that support and enhance the effect of yoga positions even more

Tibetan energy work techniques that enhance the effect of yoga postures and breathing techniques on the glands that make up the female sex hormones. We retain the energy created by exercises and then move it where we need it – for example, to the ovaries, thyroid, etc.

Yoganidra, which is the so-called yoga sleep, or the technique of mental relaxation and regeneration based on the rotation of the mind on the body, emotions…


By combining these techniques, the effect of the whole exercise increases and the results are visible in a relatively short time when practicing regularly (within a few days in preventive exercise, in a few months when solving a specific problem – it depends what you solve and how serious it is).