I’ve always enjoyed any sport … some movement … action. It makes me happy, brings satisfaction, pleasure, supplies me with happy hormones :).


I got into yoga many years ago, but I wasn’t very interested in it then … I was really active at that time and I needed something really action-packed, dynamic, just something where I could really run out. And the lesson I went to then was the exact opposite.




and a few years ago it got in my way again and this time it completely wrapped me around its little finger 🙂


HATHAYOGA has relieved me of many years of back pain, helps me to alleviate the round back that I have had since childhood due to Sheuermann’s disease, and rewards me every day with small advances in the form of a healthier, more flexible and firmer body. At the same time, it gives my life peace, serenity and inner well-being. I figure on a wave of joy and well-being 🙂

HORMONAL YOGA absolutely fascinated me with what it can help and relieve you with. But what is really amazing … after a few exercises I could see the immediate incredible effects on myself. And it kicks you and motivates you like crazy. In addition, I am convinced that Hormonal Yoga helped me look forward to the desired child.

I was fascinated that hormonal yoga can relieve many women of various discomforts and manifestations of hormonal imbalance.

That’s why I decided to become a certified Hormonal Yoga teacher and use this amazing method to help other women feel healthy, fresh, full of energy, satisfied, just to support their health and overall well-being … to bloom beautifully.

And reports from women I have taught at my lessons that tell me that they have become pregnant for some time or may be discontinuing thyroid medication after many years, or that their husband has simply praised them for looking fresh and young, then confirm me in that what I do makes sense and I am thankful for that very much!

I love what I do, I am happy I am able to do what I enjoy, what makes sense and makes others happy. Thanks for it!