When to choose a one-to-one course?

Choose a one-to-one course if:

none of the offered dates suits you

you prefer a slower pace and a more individual approach

you don’t want to go anywhere and you want to learn the set from the comfort of your home or you live in another city orstate

you have some health problems and you need to adapt the lesson to your health

What is the advantage of one-to-one course?

The advantage is a very individual approach, where we will place great emphasis on the perfect execution of exercises. This will give you the most effective benefits that Hormonal Yoga exercises bring.

Furthermore, you can choose the date and time that suits you.

In the individual lesson, I try to accommodate you as much as possible. It depends on a common agreement.

What is the price?

A one-to one Hormonal yoga course costs 40 EUR / 45 USD per 60 minutes.

Usually, there are about 4 hrs needed.


The price includes:

consultation regarding your health condition,

detailed study materials with a detailed description of all exercises and techniques for home practice,

explanation of basic techniques of hormonal yoga and teaching the whole set incl. anti-stress and breathing techniques,

follow-up communication in case of questions regarding ambiguities during the exercise or any changes caused by the exercise.


The form of the course – that is, whether we learn the set in more sessions or learn it at once, is up to you. From my own experience, I recommend completing in more blocks – f.e. 2 lessons each in the duration of 2hrs or 4 lessons each in the duration of 1 hr. But everything is on agreement.

Where will we meet?

We can meet

if you live in Prague:

at my place in Prague 4 – Hodkovičky – I lead one-to-one lessons in the rented room of our panel house 

or at your home (applies to Prague and the surrounding area)

if you live in another city or state

online on Zoom – all you need is PC, internet and downloaded Zoom application – I will provide you with a link to our Zoom room


Do you have any questions? Just write me.